Ocean with island above the surface and octopus submerged below, suggesting that there’s more to some cancers than meets the eye


Look below the surface to find out what’s driving the tumor

TRK* fusion proteins are often a primary oncogenic driver across multiple tumors in adults and children1,2

  • In TRK fusion cancer, the NTRK a gene fuses with an unrelated gene, causing overexpression of the TRK protein2-4
  • NTRK gene fusions may be mutually exclusive of other known oncogenic drivers5,6
  • The presence of TRK proteins has been associated with more aggressive cancer in some tumor types, highlighting an unmet medical need among TRK fusion cancer patients7-9
The only way to find NTRK gene fusions is to test for them10

*TRK, tropomyosin receptor kinase.
aNTRK, neurotrophic receptor tyrosine kinase.

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